Piggy Ho Ho's Fanart

Another E+T pic for the fans out there. ^-^ Syaoran held Sakura's hand when nobody is looking. ^-^ Makes you feel warm all over. Shows the gang lying down on the soft grass. ^-^ Since Sakura's birthday's on April Fool, I did a mix version. ^-^ A series of photos with Syaoran saying "o-e-a-i-o" (One of the lyrics in Leon Lai's song) ^_^ Swinging in the Garden: At least that was what I tried to draw. Wanted it to look a little old fashion. t seems that a lot of people liked this...^_^U Tomoyo in fantasy land. Kotori from "X", tried to make her clothes look like kimono. -_-' Aquarius: My horoscope. ^_^ I was gonna do all 12 signs but...nah~ Man did I spend a lot of time on this one. -_-U It's Sakura as the Siren! Drawing in Di Gi Charat style! ^-^ Tried to make them extra cute! All the cute guys' night out in town. ^-^ A sexy picture of Syaoran stepping out of the shower...^-^ =3 Music Box: Tomoyo sits and listens to the sound of a music box. ^_^ It's supposed to look old fashion. Wheel of Destiny: S+S in a the wheel of destiny. The water effect at the back turned out great! ^-^ I tried to make this look more like ancient Greek. Picnic: Did it in water colour first then edit it in photoshop. I like the tree shadows. ^_^ Celebration of Chinese new year, the year of sheep! ^_^ Love Memo: Syaoran stuck a piece of sticky notes saying "Love You Always" ^-^; I want it! I want it!