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Piggy Ho Ho's Fanart

Sakura and Syaoran's dating picture! Another date picture. This is actually older. Syaoran was preparing to get to work when his son came and started at him. ^^ The whole gang has a study group! ^_^ Sakura's eating ice cream, and Syaoran's playing baseball at the corner! ^_^ his one features Syaoran and his sisters two years before he comes to Japan. Back then I imagine hime to be quite normal...^^
Another Kamui and Syaoran picture. ^^ Sakura and Syaoran's dating images were caught on tape! Lucky Tomoyo! Tomoyo watched her friend peacefully as Sakura and Syaoran go out on their date. Happy Valentine 2000. Kero is enjoying his chocolate with Sakura and Syaoran on it. ^^' The big day have finally come! Too good to be true isn't it? That's why it's only a fanart...^^; Featuring Sakura and Syaoran dressed in both western and eastern calture costumes!
I saw them in many Jap. mangas. ^_^ Heard that if you hang it, you'll have a sunny day! Nice pic for summer. In additional to the last cute guys collection, I've added Quatre and Sion! ^0^ This group is getting crowded! I only added Dominque in...^_^' But I've switched Kamui's dead girl friend with another girl from "X"! She's Yuzuriha!! A very cute girl... Syaoran's B-Day collection: Yamazaki and friend's presents. ^_^ It was the front page pic during Syaoran's birthday week. Syaoran's B-Day collection: Eriol and company's present. It's really just old books written by Clow Reed in his attic that he's trying to get rid off... Syaoran's B-Day collection: Present from Yukito and Touya this time. ^_^ It was a soccer ball. Touya didn't enjoy giving it to him...^^
Syaoran's B-Day collection: I didn't have time for Kero and Tomoyo's present, so I jumped to Sakrua's. What's better than a kiss and a jar of handmade wishing stars? ^^ Alright~! Second year into the website business! ^_^ I'll have to continue to work hard! Yue and Ruby, the two moon guardians are here. Frankly, I don't know why they look like starues...-_-' Sakura and Syaoran in their Junior high uniform, getting back to school! ^_^ I'm not a Tomoyo and Eriol kind of person but I thought I'd draw something else for a change. This is a picture suggested by the winner of the Legend of Ometin Contest: Round 2. (It was part of the prize) It features the gang having a picnic in Ometin.
The S+S woke up holding hands...makes you think what happened last night. A picture to celerbrate the arrival of autumn. ^_^ It kind of reminded me of Adam and Eve, but I don't think I was trying to make it like that when I drew it...^^' Ah...perfect for the summer. I thought I'd draw a Meiling once in a while. This is her grown up. A lot of people think this is kind of...naked? Well I don't know. But I liked this idea. What can I say, I'm running out of ideas for my art. ^_^U It's so original! Ahh~
An unpublished fanart. ^_^ Syaoran and Eriol grown up! Syaoran as a fallen angel. ;_; What's gonna happen to him? This pairs up with the fallen angel before. Everyone seems to love this...Sakura is the devil that killed the angel. ;_; To celebrate Halloween! CCS characters dressed up as each other! ^_^ Another Halloween pic! Yukito and Touya in their costumes. ^_^ One of my favorite characters from X. ^_^
A winter spirit picture. ^_^ Syaoran using Heero's post (from Gundam Wing). ^_^U Heero complained in the corner of the picture with Quatre. One of my Christmas picture for 2001. Sakura looked at Syaoran's poster (cool Syaoran) and is planning on how to steal it...^_^U X'mas pic for 2001 #2! A pic orginially given to my friend as 12345hit gift. ^_^