Piggy Ho Ho's Fanart

This is the first CG I've ever made, in the first fanfic character I've ever created. ^(oo)^; drew this on my site's one year anniversay. It's almost two years now, too... This was drawn to celebrate the millennium! As you can see I couldn't get too much out of that... Syaoran was looking over an ad board with Sakura's picture on it. ^_^ Syaoran's sleeping like a baby when Sakura, as an angel, kissed him on the forhead...^^ t was Sakura's birthday and Syaoran handed her a bunch of beautiful cherryblossom...^^
Syaoran is a ship captain while Sakura put his hat on her head. ^^ Okay, I see a lot of you would be confused by this. Syaoran is supposed to ba an android that just woke and Sakura was the last thing in his memery. Just thought that it might me fun to use blue pencil to draw a cool pic. Kamui from X and Syaoran from CCS. Kamui as a devil grabbing Syaoran, the angel. What a fun event to attend to! Eriol as the clown, Tomoyo as the lion tamer, Touya and Yukito as...some guys that rides on an elephone, and Sakura the magician with Syaoran the rabbit! A picture inspired by a book I've read: Tomorrow and Tomorrow. The book is kind of sad...really.
Syaroan eating cracker sticks! How cute~ \(^0^)/ If you ask me, these are the ultimate cute guys~ Kamui from X, Squall from FF8, Cloud from FF7...and so on. Hm...I need to add Quatre in...and not to mention Sion. ^^ The girl version of the previous picture! Yuppie~ Sakura, Rinoa, Tifa...almost everyone's here!! ^^ "She's Mine" I doubt that Syaoran would do that, But I just thought it might be a fun picture...^^' Sakura trying to get Syaoran under the mistletoe on X-mas...^^ This is from Mother's day 2000. Featuring Sakura's mother watching Sakura like an angel.
A rare Touya and Yukito picture that I drew. ^^' Touya took Yukito's glasses and made fun. ^^' Another rare picture. You don't see me drawing Meiling everyday. ^^' I just thought I'd draw her like an ordinary girl. Miss Kaho sleeping on a stage set. ^^ Well, she does have crosses as decorations...^^' There's also a Syaoran at the background. Sakura with a lot of chibi form characters cheering for a new year! ^_^ Gals from the Legend of Ometin...^_^
Guys from the Legend of Ometin...^_^ Syaoran sleeping like a baby while a puppy sniffs him. ^^ Just a very, very cute version of Sakura and Syaoran hopping on grass...^^' A chibi version of the Ometin gangs. ^_^ Cards made for my English project. Sakura as Juliet and Syaoran as Romeo! ^^ Sakura is the bee and Syaoran is the sun! ^_^
Many little Sakura huddling around Syaoran. ^^ When the big days come, they will be around Sakura and Syaoran... That's right! Syaoran's a secret agent. His mission: to impress Sakura with his coolness. The words we've all been waiting for... The gang as the Digi destines! It's a pic for Helloween. A heart photo with the S+S in it. I tried to make it look old.
I drew this some time ago. I did it Kamui style. ^^ I put a bit too much "lip stick" on Sakura...^^' Celebrate the spring with my water colour picture! An Easter picture of 2000. Syaoran came hatching of an egg...^^ This was the first time I tried to draw CCS animation style. Another dolls picture. They would make a great wedding gift! ^_^