S+S Fan Station

The oldest site on earth...or a least the oldest one I've made

Welcome to the S+S Fan Station, the oldest site created my me, Piggy Ho Ho, now the proud owner of my art site, Bleu Ciel.

This site was started on September 30,1999 and became frozen (that is, it stopped updating) on May 15, 2003. It is dedicated mainly to Cardcaptor Sakura fans, but more specifically, Sakura + Syaoran couple supporters. After having some good successes with the site, my passion for the series have finally died out, and moved on to other work.

After having some rough time, changing servers and even owners countless time, the original creator of the site (that is me) have decided to take the matter back into my own hand, and developed this archive for the site. This site will no longer be updated, but it will be here to display for your own enjoyment. Think of it as a little muesum of my work.

Thank you for your support from all these years. If you wish to see my other art works, feel free to visit Bleu Ciel, my current art site.